SMS persahabatan 16-20

Eating sweEts are tasty. SPeaking sweEt w0rds are easy. BuT..finding a sweEt person is very difficult. Oh..,My go0dness! H0w did u find me?haha :-) Nitez.. –,

HaNdpHoNe is veRy irritatiNg Pay moNtHLy BiLLs Hv 2 RecHaRge BatteRy messaGes get deLayed But d’oNLy tHiNg I Lüv bout it.. It coNNects Me & You. Nite.

Frndship s not about bcoming sumbody els’s “perfect frnd”, its about finding sum1 hu helps u bcome d best person u can be. take care!

” “() aQ ga bs (=’o'+) jd tmnmu =(,)(,)= slama-a! ()”"”() ( ’0′) (/=(,)= cZ aQ ga hdp slama aQ akn jd shbtmu slama aQ iduuupp.. loph u prend.. ^JlU^

sHbT bKn… matematika y9 dPt dHtun9 niLainya.. eKon0mi y9 m9hRpkn mTeri… pPkn y9 diTuntut oLh UU.. tP…. shbT adlh sEjaRh y9 dPt dKenan9 sPnj9 mAsa… NiteZ

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