Websphere – WAS installation

Install WAS Server ND 6.1

1. Klik launchpad.exe sehingga muncul WIndows WAS ND
2. Pilih launch the installation wizard for WAS ND
3. Default setting, check Install the sample application untuk mencoba-coba
4. Pilih path di C:\IBM
5. Pada environtment pilih Cell(deployment manager and a managed node)
6. Isi username dan password
7. Baca kembali summary. Klik next untuk memulai instalasi
8. Jika sudah selesai akan keluar Windows First Step.
9. Lakukan installation verification
10.Klik Start the deployment manager
11 Klik administrative console
12. Jika berhasil maka akan keluar layar seperti berikut
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14. Berikut gambar jika kita sudah berhasil masuk ke WAS.
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Semoga bermanfaat

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