Cognos connect to Greenplum

Well, this article will be written both English and Indonesia because I can not find how to connect Cognos to Greenplum documentation. Hope this will help someone who need it.

This is step by step how to connect Cognos to Greenplum
1. Download ODBC driver for Greenplum from

2. From Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Data Sources(ODBC), create System DSN Greenplum, and then fill Data Source Name, Host Name, Port Number and Database Name. Click test connect button to test the connection.
3. From Cognos Administration, create a new data source with ODBC type. Give ODBC data source name with the same name you created at step 2.

Berikut merupakan langkah-langkah yang dibutuhkan untuk melakukan koneksi dari Cognos ke Greenplum.

1. Download ODBC driver dari
2. Dari Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Data Sources(ODBC), buat System DSN bernama Greenplum, kemudian isi Data Source Name, Host Name, Port Number dan Database Name. Kemudian klik test connect untuk melakukan uji coba koneksi.
3. Kemudian dari Cognos Administration, create new data source dengan type ODBC. Pada ODBC data source beri nama sesuai dengan yang kita buat di System DSN di langkah ke 2.

Semoga bermanfaat

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2 Responses to Cognos connect to Greenplum

  1. the6campbells says:

    Your information is not correct.

    Connecting Cognos 8.4.1 Fixpack 2 onwards to Greenplum 3.3.5 or 4.0 requires that you install and use their Postgres based ODBC drivers which are in their 4.0 connectivity pack.

    You define connection in Cognos as type generic ODBC and connect from Cognos 8 running on Linux or Windows machines via the aforementioned Greenplum driver.

    The DataDirect based version is not tested or supported – the Postgres one is. Contact Greenplum for more details if you need them.

    • admin says:

      Ok, thank you for your information. This article is based on project I’ve involved. I can connect Cognos to Greenplum using Data Direct in Windows and Linux. But I think you’re right, because there are many problem when I used that driver. Do you know where I can download the correct driver ? The customer who buy GP didnt get the driver.


      Deny Sutani

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